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Saaslight v3.0 - Web Based CRM

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Free CRM Software

  • Add a web based free CRM account.
  • Share your business products and services with everyone.
  • Allow everyone to request sales and support services about your business.
  • With Saaslight you can share with everyone your business products and services.

CRM Software

  • Your Customers can request sales information or submit a support ticket.
  • Your Customers can do surveys and evaluate your products and services.
  • Search your knowledge database or forums for solutions to common problems.
  • Simple solution for customer, sales and support management.

Free CRM

  • No requirements, limits or fees.
  • SaasLight is a free small business web based CRM.
  • Saaslight is a simple and an easy CRM.
  • Allows you to manage your leads, accounts, opportunities, crm contact management, surveys, forums, incidents, cases and solutions.

Web Based CRM

SaasLight is a 100% web based crm software and a CRM marketing software, that includes sales and support management services. SaasLight is free and allows you to manage leads, accounts, opportunities, contacts, surveys, forums, cases and solutions.

CRM Software

SaasLight helps you to generate leads, effectively market through multiple products, optimize lead management, access all account-related information and understand what products or services are providing better results. An effective CRM solution helps you maintain your focus on sales and marketing, on filling the sales pipeline and generating more revenue - instead of manually tracking sales leads.

Customer Relationship Management Software

Working with Saasligt online web based services gives you quick and relevant advantages, first it is free and the setup is in minutes, second you do not need to install any software in your computer and last you do not need to worry about software or hardware maintenance, we take care of all the technical issues.